Rising to the top with an International School of Bangkok

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One international school of Bangkok that stands out as a leader in striving to give its students the opportunity to excel in the educational arena is the American School of Bangkok. Graduates from this school are taught how to be independent in learning; they are taught to be crucial thinkers and to communicate effectively – to be global citizens. Students are offered high quality and modern education which is based on an educational curriculum from America. This curriculum is kept updated constantly, giving students excellent chances of thriving at the school from an emotional and intellectual capacity; preparing them ideally for their university level education.

This sought after school is a member of International Schools Association of Thailand. The ASB School was opened way back in 1983 and it offers private education to pre-kindergarten children up to Grade 12 children. It is accredited by WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, ONESQA, The Thai Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment and the Thai Ministry of Education. Being an international school, students represent from around 50 nations. They offer Advanced Placement or AP classes at school. This is a programme in Canada and the USA which has been created by College Boards offering college level curricula as well as the equivalent exams to students who are in high school.

There are two very modern campuses that make up the American School of Bangkok. Both were designed with the specific purpose of providing optimal and functional learning for students and a friendly and safe atmosphere and the environment. The grounds have been expanded so that the school accommodates around 800 students who range from pre-kindergarten up to grade 12. Students have access to academic opportunities as well as full access to recreational and sporting facilities. These health-giving activities are provided for the students to ensure that their school days are happy and fulfilled.

Preparing for University

Students get to choose their university, developing their own curriculum vitae in an appropriate and competitive way. They create their own application essay, even getting critiqued by ASB administrators, receiving advice and assistance all the way to the top. The American School of Bangkok is providing the world with our future leaders.

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